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Arik Hertz Background

I help forward-thinking business owners grow their businesses, increase profitability and improve their lives by leveraging Peer Advisory Boards, Executive Coaching and proprietary strategy services.

As the president of The Alternative Board (TAB) Northeast and TAB Israel; my facilitators and I facilitating Peer Advisory Boards in the Greater Philadelphia area, NYC and Israel. We help Business Owners and Senior Managers to identify and solve issues, develop actionable plans, and share important best- practice solutions.

The collective wisdom of the members offers perspectives, insights and ideas to drive businesses to the next level — and beyond.

The Alternative Board (TAB) has been helping businesses succeed since 1990. TAB members share their business expertise to help solve challenges and seize new opportunities. Proprietary Executive Coaching system has helped thousands of business owners worldwide. Members are accountable to their commitments and lead their businesses more effectively.  Using TAB proprietary processes, TAB members become more profitable and experience a greater level of growth.

I am a TAB Certified Facilitator and Coach, and with many years of experience in business management, I focus on working with business owners, leaders, executives and managers to achieve their professional and personal goals through their business.

I spent the last 7 years as an executive consultant and coach, helping business owners and managers achieve faster growth, higher profit and increased productivity. Previously I worked with Red-C Optical Networks, helping the owners to sell the company for over $30M, teamed with Saifun Semiconductors management for an $800M IPO, founded Tech Time and led it to a successful IPO of $50M. I earned a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Technion and Princeton Universities and started my career as a project engineer before moving to business management and ownership of companies. Having founded, managed and sold a number of businesses, I know what it takes to grow companies, make them more profitable and successful, hire and build effective teams and help with the managers to achieve professional and personal fulfillment.

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