Advisory Boards



• How do you go about making your decisions and who checks your thinking?

• Who do you bounce ideas off to increase sales and improve marketing to generate new business?

• What feedback do you get when you plan for the future of your Business?

• Do you ever feel you are being surrounded by sharks?

If better management, successful marketing, increased sales, improved margins, and overall growth are in your plans; you should consider membership in Alternative Board® (TAB) Peer Advisory Board. These are just some of the benefits realized by business owners on our boards.

At TAB we provide peer advisory groups (Boards) and 1-on-1 coaching for selected owners of non-competing privately held businesses.  Owners get the benefits of practical real world actionable advice from their peers in a monthly structured board setting, as well as private monthly business coaching sessions to work on strategies and plans. 

Being member of TAB Peer Advisory Board, you will have:

  • A close and confidential group, who roll up their sleeves to help and hold you accountable
  • A Board of advisors, made up of business owners, who understand your perspective
  • A "Think Tank" of like-minded business operators to share your issues and ideas
  • A Process to focus on being proactive and strategic as opposed to being reactive

You can find more information about TAB on the sites , ,  and by watching the following videos:
How TAB Works and What It Offers To TAB Members
The Power of The Alternative Board

Arik Hertz Enterprises, Inc. is the owner of TAB Israeland TAB Greater Philadelphia. TAB (The Alternative Board) has been helping businesses succeed since 1990. TAB is the world’s largest franchise system providing peer advisory boards and business coaching services for Business Owners, Leaders, Executives and Managers.

We help Business Owners and Senior Managers to identify and solve issues, develop actionable plans, and share important best- practice solutions. We are leading the process where the collective wisdom of the members offers perspectives, insights, and ideas to drive businesses to the next level — and beyond.