Executive Coaching




Arik Hertz developed a pragmatic coaching approach. The method is used by experienced coaches provide innovative and proven solutions for businesses to become more productive and profitable.
Clients receive seasoned advice and results-driven strategic solutions to solve business challenges.




Achieve Your Personal Vision

• Strong understanding of individual differences in a workplace
• Independent external view
• Objective personal and professional advice
• Work towards specific professional goal
• Hiring and building an effective team
• Interpersonal communication
• Stress management
• Time Management
• Delegation
• Performance management
• Executive presence
• Leadership
• Task management and Multitasking
• Accountability
• Resources
• Personal Vision
• Look at the mirror
• Strategy



Branding You for Employment Opportunities

Arik Hertz Enterprises, Inc. coaches will work with candidates who are looking for new employment opportunities. We will help the candidates to position and to re-branding themselves and work on establishing their value proposition.If you are looking for a new job of if you are feeling that you are progressing too slowly, it is the time to make a change. We can help guide you through the process.

Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable environment where you can discuss career concerns, challenges, and goals. Through a collaborative relationship between you and us, you learn the skills necessary to move ahead in your careers and achieve your goals.
After discussing needs and goals, a coaching plan is developed to providing you with the necessary steps to reach your goals. We begin with the end-result in mind and together work through a process to get you there. All services are personalized to meet your individual needs and provide the tools and confidence needed for on-going career progress.

The roadmap to achieve your next job opportunity may include:
• Develop a dynamic career plan
• Learn job search strategies, interview skills and networking techniques
• Learn to define and articulate your value proposition
• Master career management skills
• Develop body language and storytelling techniques for effective communications
• Learn to use success stories and to deliver highly effective presentations



Increase Sales and Grow Profit

The sales team will learn to enhance strategic thinking, build effective teams, improve interpersonal communication, use performance management, and create an executive presence.

The coaches will bring an independent external view. Using their vast business experience, they will generate objective advice and will provide an on-going support in making better day-to-day and long-term decisions to continually move the company forward.
The mutual work will target recruiting successful employees, establish sales tools and vision, define new customers and markets, increase sales and to grow profit.

Sales team will learn to enhance strategic thinking, build effective teams, improve interpersonal communication, use performance management, and create executive presence.



Drive Businesses to the Next Level

Arik Hertz Enterprises, Inc. coaches facilitate Roundtable for company managers and for peers.
Members get the benefits of practical real world actionable advice in a monthly structured roundtable setting. These are close and confidential groups, who roll up their sleeves to help and hold each other accountable.

Members focus on being proactive and strategic.

• Managers make better decisions, maximize strengths, and do a better job
• Managers support the company vision
• Focus on higher-impact contributions
• Develop Structure for productive Team Meetings
• Conflict Management
• Ongoing improvements of management alignment
• Direct Reports experience less stress
• Avoiding low impact activities
• Managers learn to identify and solve issues, develop actionable plans, and share important best- practice solutions
• The collective wisdom of the managers offers perspectives, insights, and ideas to drive businesses to the next level — and beyond
• Personal growth